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Personal Initiative unlocks the door to personal achievement. Without taking those precarious first steps under the influence of personal initiative no dream can be fulfilled. Procrastination is the reason so few people ever move forward in procuring their dreams. When we procrastinate we are telling ourselves that for whatever reason we do not have the energy, talent, motivation, inspiration, willpower, desire, aim, energy, enthusiasm, etc., to move toward our goal. In a lock down fashion, procrastination is the enemy that defeats us before we start. By jolting ourselves out of this process of stagnation, we open the doors to our life's work.

High wages and the capacity to assume responsibility are two things that belong together.

October 6th, 2015|0 Comments

It’s been said that a leader’s job is to inspire others to high levels of achievement, while a manager’s job is to protect the assets of investors. The most successful people are those who recognize […]

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